Luxury Alpaca Rugs







Embrace your toes in luxuryAlpaca rugs,

 so soft and fluffy.

Made from out standing quality Alpaca

fleece and naturally beautiful!


Our rugs are simply a perfect way to start

 the day and end a great evening


 "Complete heaven for your feet

 and fantastic to look at"


 Caring for your Alpaca rugs.

 FAQ'S ( frequently asked questions)


All rugs are made in natural colours. No

 dyes,chemicals or treatments have been used

 with our rugs; they are produced straight

 from the animal! 

Please note:

These rugs are not fire retardant. So they are not suitable to be put in front of an open fire.


Brush to clean, shake and hang on line for airing.

These rugs are not suitable for machine washing.

Use damp cloth to remove any dirt and bush with a hairbrush, then leave to dry. we recommend lightly dusting the rug with talcum powder, brush or rub it in, then shake off any excess. Done every month or so, this simple cleaning procedure takes away dust and grit and maintains the fur, keeping it in excellent condition. Our rugs can also be vacuumed.


Alpacas fleece will naturally change colour with strong sun-light leaving the darker colors slightly lighter.


Excessive water will allow the fleece to go back to its natural state and become very dense. Brush with stiff brush and allow to dry naturally.                       


May occur with heavy traffic, brush to fluff.