luxury Alpaca Throws


Exclusive Alpaca Throws made form the fleece


NOT the Skin!


Alpacas produce one of the world's finest and most

luxurious natural fibres.


The fleece is sheared from the alpaca once a year

without causing harm.



The alpacas lightweight and very robust coats

protect them from the extreme temperature

differences between day and night, season to

season in their natural habitat



Alpaca fleece is as soft as cashmere and

warmer,lighter and stronger that wool and comes

in 22 natural colors: more natural colors than any

other fiber producing animal. The fiber is silky to

the touch and therefore not prickly.



 These gorgeous soft alpaca throws are

lightweight but warm and perfect for

snuggling up on the sofa or favorite




Ideal for luxurious lounging or making the


perfect present for someone special!


Approx Sizes:


Small 34" x 60"


Large 72" x 60"


The exquisite range we sell is all made by Snooks


Farm Alpacas in Dorset using Alpaca Fleece NOT


the Skin



 Any enquires please contact:



+44 (0)7971269441